Jen's Handmade Ornaments "A unique gift for any occasion"

Have you ever received an ornament that you cherish year after year?    Do you love telling stories about how you got this ornament?  Maybe it was as a gift from a child when they were in elementary school.  Maybe it was a gift at a special occasion.   Well, I am in the business of making memories that you can remember for a lifetime and pass on to the next generation!!!
I am a mother of three and live in Noblesville, Indiana and I love sewing!!!
In January of 2015 I was given the idea of making ornaments with all the fabric I had from quilting.    What better use of this fabric than to make something very special with the leftover fabric I had!  I learned how to make fabric ornaments and after a lot of trial and errors  I was able to produce a simple star patterned ornament.   I started giving them away as gifts and people loved them so much that they wanted to purchase them from me.   It was from this simple pattern that my creative juices started to flow and I had so much fun designing different ones, I decided to market them to others who are looking for "just the right gift". 

I've always enjoy pulling out the special ornaments every year and putting them out.  They bring back happy memories. What's even more fun is watching my kids listen to the story behind an ornament and try to convince each other who gets to hang it on the tree!  They insist that they get to put up "their own" ornament that they made!

Imagine yourself getting a special ornament and very unique one of a kind ornament and taking it out year after year remembering a life event? Maybe, you are looking for something pretty for the tree?  Well, we can help with that with these ornaments. 
I hope that through my handmade ornaments that you get a sense of wonderfulness and beauty that you can share with your generations and generations to come!  Some of them are just works of art that can be hung year round in a room with the use of an ornament holder or shadow box.

All ornaments are handmade do some variations from the picture may occur, but the same fabric shown in the picture will be used. Custom orders are always welcome.