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  • Armed forces-military ornament


    quilted fabric star ornament, military, army, airfor force, marines, coast guard, handmade ornamentWant to remember a Veteran or the time they served in the armed forces?  This special quilted fabric star pattern, no sew armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force, Marines) Christmas or tree ornament is a great gift for someone whose in or have served in the armed forces. It makes a great display as wall art or art décor for any home.
    We have folded fabric ornaments in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Each ornament is made with fabric in the colors of that branch of the military.

    Measurements of completed ornaments:
    * Approx. 3 7/8" in diameter and hanger varies in length from 4" to 6" depending on if design.

    The materials used on the ornament:
    *3 7/8 " diameter Smooth foam ball
    * Fabric (cotton/polyester/rayon)
    * 1 7/16" dressmaker pins
    * 5/8" ribbons
    *2mm gold or silver beads
    *6mm beads
    *Red or blue sequins