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  • Golden holly ornament


    Check out this new golden & red ornament for 2018.  I call it Golden Holly.   It is made with gold & red 2 1/2" ribbon in the center that has a holly theme to it.   We surrounded with red & gold satin fabric and than staggered the next row with more gold & holly ribbon.   It adds an elegant touch to the holidays!   It also looks great on a tree or anywhere in the house!  The middle is surrounded with gold satin ribbon and embellished with red beads.  The ornament is topped off with red and gold satin ribbon bows.   The ornament measures 3 7/8" in diameter.

    Measurements of completed ornaments:
    * Approx. 3 7/8" in diameter and hanger varies in length from 2" to 4" depending on if design.

    The materials used on the ornament:
    *3 7/8 " diameter Smooth foam ball
    * Fabric (satin)
    * 1 7/16" dressmaker pins
    * 5/8" ribbons

    *2 1/2" ribbon
    *4mm beads