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    Create memories with this personalized ornament. This makes a great baby boy shower gift, baby's first christmas or keepsake ornament. Add a shadow box and you have a great home decor room piece. You can also hang ir on a tree and have a great christmas ornament.

    This ornament is made with baby boy colors and accented with blue & pearl beads. It is surrounded with a 2" white ribbon and topped with a baby blue bow.

    Each ornament can be customized with a child's name and date of birth.

    If using an ornament holder or shadow box the ornament is best if hung by the bow. The 8x10 shadow box is a whitewash finish and the 5x7 shadow box is unfinished.

    Measurements of completed ornaments:
    * Approx. 3 7/8" in diameter and hanger varies in length from 4" to 6" depending on if design.
    The materials used on the ornament:
    *3 7/8 " diameter Smooth foam ball
    * Fabric (cotton/polyester/rayon)
    * 1 7/16" dressmaker pins
    * 5/8" ribbons
    * 2" white ruffle ribbons